From an episode of Byte Into ITPresented by Vanessa Toholka, Dan Salmon and Dan Morganti


Byte Into IT: Creating Art with Jellyfish Mathematics

Deep inside the Science Gallery of Melbourne, a lone moon jellyfish swims in an isolated dome - its every movement tracked by an array of sensors that translate its subtle gestures into an array of numbers projected onto the gallery’s walls.

Aguaviva is a new installation piece by artist Thomas Marcusson that is part of ‘Not Natural’, an exhibition that explores the friction between the natural and artificial world.

Thomas phoned into talk about his artistic practice, his love of random number generation, the science behind the Aguaviva piece and how nature can get lost in the mix when we think about digital spaces and technology.

“It’s not something you expect to see in a gallery – a living entity.”

Photo credit: Thomas Marcusson.

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