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Banksia: Jahkarli Felicitas Romanis discusses (Dis)connected to Country exhibition

Proud Pitta Pitta woman, artist, researcher and curator Jahkarli Felicitas Romanis joins Vanessa Morris on Banksia to talk about exhibition (Dis)connected to Country at Hillvale Gallery in Brunswick.

The pair discussed how the ongoing project of (Dis)connected to Country, which initially started in 2019, forms the basis of her PhD studies and is a personal exhibition about her family and great-grandmother who was removed in the early 1900s during the Stolen Generations.

Jahkarli also spoke about a recent artist in residence at PARADISE AIR in Tokyo.

Presented through the International Festival of Photography (Dis)connected to Country is at Hillvale Gallery, Brunswick until Sunday 24 March

Image credit: Hillvale Gallery

Jahkarli Felicitas Romanis (2024)
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