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Banksia: Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt discusses new book Bobtails Friend

Yamatji-Noongar author, artist and Elder Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt joins Vanessa Morris to yarn about new children's book Bobtail's Friend, which was inspired by the impacts of bullying and the recent experience of her grandchildren.

"The effects of bullying is very, very deep... so whoever wrote sticks and stones will break your bones and names will never hurt you obviously didn't get called names.. because this name calling can hurt your heart and your spirit and your mind and these are wounds you can't see."

"In the first wording in the book it says to children everywhere, when you feel hurt by cruel words, know that you are beautiful and you matter, ugly words don't hold the truth about you."

"It was very emotional for me to do this book, because it was very personal [..] but it's a message cross-cultures because many people get bullied, at school, in the workplace, on the playground, on the football ground.. its something we need to be aware of and the last long effects of these horrible words."

Aunty Rhonda also talks about how they worked with co-author, Jacki Ferro in their first book, Alice's Daughter: Lost mission Child which captures her story as a Stolen Generations survivor.

"Jacki and I - she helped me with my life story, Alice's Daughter: Lost mission Child - that was my first book, and Jacki helped because I could not go through all the native records and the language they used back then.. they kept every moment of our lives recorded, from the moment you were born.."

Bobtail's Friends is the second of five books to be released through the Spirit of the Dreaming Series. Find out more here.

Listen to the full interview below.

Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt
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