Where Yo Is
Listen to Where Yo Is – 28 April 202402:00:0028 April 2024
Playlist for Where Yo Is – 28 April 2024
  • Where Yo IsFat Daddy Holmes
  • Who, Me?Jet Streams
  • The Twistin’ TwistWillard Burton
  • RumbleJohnny Devlin & Devils
  • The PigLudaway
  • (Zap! Pow!) Do The BatmanGate Wesley
  • Kangaroo"Killer Joe" Piro
  • The SwitchRace Marbles
  • Broadway SamIceberg Slim
  • Country BoyBilly Lamont
  • Mister Kiss Kiss Bang BangAnn-Margret
  • Climb Every MountainThe Victorians
  • Mountain ClimberJimmy Wilson & Que Martin
  • Rockin’ Round The MountainThe Capers
  • Too Nice TonightThe Kittens
  • Usher BoyMerry Clayton
  • LarryAllen Sisters
  • He’s Mine (I Love Him, I Love Him, I Love Him)Alice Wonder Land
  • Fever TwistHenry Wright
  • Louie LouieEddie Cano
  • Crazy…Crazy…Perez Prado
  • He Cha Cha’d InKay Starr
  • ChaquitoChaquito
  • Guitar Cha Cha ChaMemphis Slim
  • SasırdımKaygisizlar
  • Ye YeTeddy Raye
  • Si Vous Connaissez Quelque Chose De Pire Qu'un Vampire, Parlez M'en Toujours, Ça Pourra Peut-être Me Faire SourireStella
  • Madame La TerreCleo
  • Alligator HatThe Beatniks
  • RagsT.J. Timber
  • 500 Pound CanaryJules Blattner & Teen Tones
  • Hot LicksThe Rendell's
  • Cruisin’ CentralFaron Warmer
  • LasagnaThe Ramrocks
  • GizmoJimmy Heap
  • Chicken pot pieKen Jones
  • GroovyJoe Dodo & Groovers
  • Comic book crazyEzra & Ivies
  • Go ahead & burnBobby Moore & Rhythm Aces
  • Elevator OperatorThe Sheppards
  • Color cartoonsGolden Rods
  • Clothes LineBoogaloo & his Gallant Crew
  • Jelly RollRichard Berry
  • Hair netFive Peaks
  • On SunsetThe Decades

About this program

Where Yo Is? is a wild ride exploring strange, oft-overlooked music genres. Expect to hear some one-word instrumentals (that's not an oxymoron), middle-Eastern surf, Cuban doo-wop, cross-dressing R&B, animal-themed dances, crying songs and tracks that make you (or, at least, me) go “Wha??”.

For DJ bookings and all other inquiries please email: brucedmilne@gmail.com