Where Yo Is
Listen to Where Yo Is – 19 November 202302:00:0019 November 2023
Playlist for Where Yo Is – 19 November 2023
  • Where Yo IsFat Daddy Holmes
  • W-WowCharlie Gracie
  • RetroThe Spacemen
  • Do The CrankThe Belgianetts
  • Do The Bat-MoBig Boss Man
  • Itchy KooHank Blackman & Killers
  • Do The Bug With MeBilly Bland
  • Devil’s Den pt. 1The Poets
  • Surfin’ With The MonkeyHot Peppers
  • Lost (Cricket In My Ear)Webs
  • It’s Mighty CrazyLightnin’ Slim
  • Devil’s Den pt. 2The Poets
  • Got My Mojo WorkingAnn Cole
  • Oh Oh MojoVolcanos
  • Mojo HandLightnin' Hopkins
  • Mojo Rockin’Little Mojo
  • Weird WolfThe Ghouls
  • WerewolfFrantics
  • WeirdRoscoe & his Little Green Men
  • The Haunted PadTed Taylor Four
  • Sunday MorningMargo Guryan
  • Beatle Wig PartyExterminators
  • I Want To Be A BeatleBobby Wilding
  • Beatles, You Bug Me!Bug Men
  • Crazy Beatle BootsColin Anthony & his Beat Combo
  • Pour L’Amour D’AimerShoichiro Matsumiya
  • Carnaby StreetSoul Fingers Group
  • Mony MonyBruno Billy
  • Louie LouieJosky Harry
  • ThunderballI Fratellini
  • Do You Come Here OftenThe Tornados
  • Baby, Count TenBell Sisters
  • The CounterThe Popcorns
  • You Crack Me UpCharlie Baker
  • TermitesThe Cords
  • Hi-Fi ApartmentMadman Jones
  • Mascara MamaThe Tweeters
  • Please Mr. Play Boy"Hot Breath” Hannah
  • I Love The Way She LaughsJack Larson
  • Here Comes The BootJohnny Harris Orch.
  • Take A ShakeGus Bendel Group
  • Young StudKlaus Und Uschi
  • On SunsetThe Decades

About this program

Where Yo Is? is a wild ride exploring strange, oft-overlooked music genres. Expect to hear some one-word instrumentals (that's not an oxymoron), middle-Eastern surf, Cuban doo-wop, cross-dressing R&B, animal-themed dances, crying songs and tracks that make you (or, at least, me) go “Wha??”.

For DJ bookings and all other inquiries please email: brucedmilne@gmail.com