Where Yo Is

An episode of Where Yo Is on 1 January 2023 presented by D Nichols

Playlist for Where Yo Is – 1 January 2023
  • Speakin' of SpokenThe Lovin' Spoonful
  • Ah-Ah-AhPintandwefall
  • Tossin and TurninThe Supremes
  • Always AroundTotally Mild
  • Sound Of The CrowdThe Human League
  • Distant Dreams - Part TwoThrobbing Gristle
  • BarracudaSlub
  • Arncliffe BabylonSachet
  • Old BullSlimbillgates
  • Real WorldBuzzcocks
  • Hotwire 502Half
  • Helen WheelsWings
  • Litku ShowLitku Klemmetti and TN
  • It's Been a WhileFlywheel
  • Thinking Of YouColour Field
  • Lucky In My DreamsThe Verlaines
  • Wonderful OfferLora Logic
  • Fallille SoldiersEssential Logic
  • Quality Crayon Wax OkEssential Logic
  • Never KnowEssential Logic
  • Talvi Talvikin KanssaMaustetytöt
  • Take It EasierDoroth
  • Golden HourEggy
  • Back To The WallDivinyls
  • Standing In The Cold, In The RainEd Kuepper

About this program

Where Yo Is? is a wild ride exploring strange, oft-overlooked music genres. Expect to hear some one-word instrumentals (that's not an oxymoron), middle-Eastern surf, Cuban doo-wop, cross-dressing R&B, animal-themed dances, crying songs and tracks that make you (or, at least, me) go “Wha??”.

For DJ bookings and all other inquiries please email: brucedmilne@gmail.com