Where Yo Is
Playlist for Where Yo Is – 3 October 2021
  • Where Yo IsFat Daddy Holmes
  • Torture RockRockin Belmarx
  • TicklerThe Sherwoods
  • The GuineaCharles Berry
  • Satellite Stroll (Trip to the moon)Willie C. Echols
  • Twisting In The JungleBuddy Bow
  • The Baldie StompThe Deacons
  • Low Grades & High FeverLinda Laine & Sinners
  • FeverPete Bennett & The Embers
  • She can give me feverLittle Junior Lewis
  • FeverThe Dymensions
  • (I’ve Got) Spring FeverLittle Willie John
  • The Beatles are in townFondettes
  • John, Paul, George & RingoThe Bulldogs
  • A Beatle I want to beSonny Curtis
  • Crazy Beatle BootsColin Anthony
  • TortureKris Jensen
  • Dr. Tarr’s Dungeon TrailerSexy sounds for Sexy luvers
  • The TortureHelpful Soul
  • Torture of the Mau MauChaino
  • Whipping postFortenas
  • Riot in room 3CThe Knockouts
  • Teen Age RiotPortuguese Joe
  • Riot CityRocky & his Friends
  • Rock n’ roll riotLittle Billy Stoltz & Stoltz Brothers
  • A Tu VeraThe Tomcats
  • Dendang Rema JaA. Romzi & Hooks
  • Aligator HatThe Beatniks
  • I am a ChanchoOs Streamers
  • Groovy Little SuzieBo-Pete
  • Stop calling me babyDanny Lee
  • I’ll Cry InsteadJoe Cocker
  • Merry Go 'RoundLewis Reed
  • 18 Year Old BluesSteve Carl & Jags
  • No Minors AllowedRamona Locke
  • So YoungClyde Stacy & Nitecaps
  • Robbin’ the cradleTony Bellus
  • The Ballad Of Patty Hearst (Listen to Tania)Sue Lloyd & William O’Donnell
  • Monkey see, monkey doThe Sherwoods
  • Let’s have some heatPigmeat Markham
  • Teenage millionaireArt Guy
  • Cruisin’ CentralFaron Warmer
  • My baby loves to bowlJimmy Soul
  • On SunsetThe Decades

About this program

Where Yo Is? is a wild ride exploring strange, oft-overlooked music genres. Expect to hear some one-word instrumentals (that's not an oxymoron), middle-Eastern surf, Cuban doo-wop, cross-dressing R&B, animal-themed dances, crying songs and tracks that make you (or, at least, me) go “Wha??”.

For DJ bookings and all other inquiries please email: brucedmilne@gmail.com