Where Yo Is
Playlist for Where Yo Is – 4 July 2021
  • Where Yo IsFat Daddy Holmes
  • Hangin' From The RaftersRaunch Hands
  • Better Believe itDonnie B. Waugh
  • Take Me Home And Make Me Like ItAlex Chilton
  • Hurricane Fighter PlaneThe Cramps
  • Rockin' WeirdCrime
  • Spin OutPussy Galore
  • Manic MechanicZZ Top
  • Pushed AroundThe Brides
  • Hafta Be Cool To Rule/WingtipsThe Didjits
  • I Don't Like YouThe Muffs
  • I Wanna DieJet Boys
  • Still Wanna DieCheetah Chrome
  • You're Gonna DieDestroy All Monsters
  • Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking For Her Hand In the Snow)Yoko Ono
  • Texas FuneralKon Wayne
  • And She Said YesThe Painted Ship
  • Run AroundCave Dwellers
  • Shutdown 66Shutdown 66
  • Here I ComeThe Fall-Outs
  • Death Has Come Over MeKnaughty Knights
  • Empathize With Me13c Each
  • I'm Outta HereDate Bait
  • Gimme Some MoneyThe Gories
  • Ain't About To Go HomeDonnie Nix
  • Muff Divin'The Gizmos
  • On SunsetThe Decades

About this program

Where Yo Is? is a wild ride exploring strange, oft-overlooked music genres. Expect to hear some one-word instrumentals (that's not an oxymoron), middle-Eastern surf, Cuban doo-wop, cross-dressing R&B, animal-themed dances, crying songs and tracks that make you (or, at least, me) go “Wha??”.

For DJ bookings and all other inquiries please email: brucedmilne@gmail.com