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Playlist for Voyage of the Dawn Treader – 7 November 2022
  • Slow Motion BlackbirdChris Merrick Hughes
  • Navigation IVFlore Laurentienne
  • A JourneyHinako Omori
  • First StepKamiya Shigenori
  • Galactic OdysseyCelestial Odysseys
  • Luminous BeingsKMRU
  • Beyond the TideJürgen Müller (Norm Chambers)
  • ScryCole Pulice
  • Remember To Look Out For The ᔕIGᑎᔕSarathy Korwar
  • A Conversation With My InnocencePatricia Wolf
  • Frogs Calling for Rain (Mae Hong Son, Thailand)Sound Reporters
  • Kath WalkerDon Featherstone
  • We Are GoingOoodgeroo Noonuccal
  • Son of MineOoodgeroo Noonuccal
  • Hope There IsClare Maclean, Oodgeroo Noonuccal
  • FinalOrquesta de las Nubes
  • Forestland か​ら​だ​は​宇​宙​の​メ​ッ​セ​ー​ジShiho Yabuki
  • Ard DiarFaten Kanaan
  • a trickle led to a quiet pool, where still black water reflected the night skyPatrick Shiroishi
  • Roi Et, ThailandFrog Tannoy
  • ProphecyLaurence Pike
  • In the Moon HouseSzun Waves
  • SunshineRaudie
  • Sun SongPharoah Sanders feat. Leon Thomas

About this program

Music to cultivate stillness and peace. Guided meditations, healing vibrations, deep space explorations. New age, spiritual jazz, nature sounds, ambient blissouts, poetry and dreamscapes for early risers, or late night comedowns.