Tim Thorpe illustration by Edith Vignal
Playlist for Vital Bits – 8 May 2021
  • Tonight's the NightNeil Young
  • Chimes of FreedomThe Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan
  • Idiot Wind (New York version)Bob Dylan
  • Show Your Troubles OutGarcia Peoples
  • Sit Down And PourSarah Mary Chadwick
  • Tears Dry On Their OwnAmy Winehouse
  • Lost SomeoneJames Brown
  • The River (Piano)Angie McMahon
  • My HistoryLiz Stringer
  • Foolish Enough (feat. Laura Jean)Geoffrey O'Connor
  • Flags Staked Upon This HillJustin Bernasconi
  • UnwindElbow Room
  • White Van LurkingThe Dome
  • Now (Forever Momentary Space)Damon Locks - Black Monument Ensemble
  • Party TricksAlice Skye
  • Diamonds Are ForeverKarate Boogaloo
  • ColorsValerie June
  • ColorsDonovan
  • WakeBig Scary
  • Everyone is WatchingAjak Kwai
  • Self DoubtJeb Cardwell
  • The Waning of the SunLiz Stringer
  • Alive and Dying (Waving, Smiling)Angel Olsen
  • Night of the SupermoonOrange Paw
  • Lonely CrowdAlice Phoebe Lou
  • All Things Will ChangeJess Locke
  • Treading WaterCharm Of Finches
  • Leather Man [part]Imperial Leather

About this program

Filling the space between the Graveyard Shift and Things To Do Today (presented by Edith Vignal and Bec Grech) with music, occasional guests and weekly chats with taxi-driving farming horticulturalist Bohdan, and bicycle mechanic and enthusiast Marcus Walker.

Interview requests: samc@rrr.org.au