Tim Thorpe

Ghost Towns of the Midwest give us the lowdown on their new single.

Playlist for Vital Bits – 15 August 2020
  • Simple Headphone MindStereolab & Nurse With Wound
  • Simple MenJack Howard
  • Mr BankerLynyrd Skynyrd
  • Simple MathKathleen Edwards
  • Simple Song of FreedomTim Hardin
  • Sing A Simple SongSly & The Family Stone
  • Simple Twist of FateSarah Jarosz
  • Just Be SimpleSongs: Ohia
  • Things Are Never SimpleKane Strange
  • I Heard Sally SingingMick Thomas' Roving Commission
  • LogosHooper Crescent
  • Love Yourself (Spend Forever)Cookii
  • VertigoElsie Lange
  • Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This MorningAretha Franklin
  • My Bucket's Got A Hole In ItWashboard Sam
  • You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never HadMuddy Waters
  • I Washed My Hands In Muddy WaterElvis Presley
  • The ShakedownTenderlonious featuring The 22archestra
  • Y DahGordon Koang
  • Easy To Be HardSharon Redd
  • JarsGhost Towns Of The Midwest
  • City LightsCam Ewart (from Ghost Towns of The Midwest)
  • Dam Whiskey RiverCam Ewart (from Ghost Towns of The Midwest)
  • If I Could Turn Back TimeCam Ewart (from Ghost Towns of The Midwest)
  • Just For YouCourtney Barnett
  • Rider in the RainMo'Ju, Birdz, Trials
  • Tom ShaneKev Carmody
  • I've Gotta Go NowBrian Auger

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