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Presented by Merve Kurtoglu

Playlist for The Graveyard Shift – 20 February 2020
  • Sutekh's MirageMax Abysmal
  • Star DriverJonny S
  • Gay SpankTwo-Lone Swordsmen
  • Mirror ImageNu-Era
  • Big House (House Mix)Big Baby
  • Which Way Is UpArmando
  • Pacification (The JD Twitch version)Trance
  • Beyond The Dance (Bizarro Mix)Rhythm Is Rhythm
  • AccessHame DJ
  • VVV (Original Mix)I:Cube
  • Raise (63 steps to heaven)Bocca Juniors (Redskins Rock Mix)
  • Music Is My Flower (Sounds Of Gold)Malawi Rock Production
  • Tune In (Turn On The Acid House) remixPsychic TV
  • TranscriptsDJ Ungl
  • HibiscusFibre Optixxx
  • Alter nativeHard Floor
  • Out From UnderLost Trax
  • dont play aroundslowdown
  • classy club Mixcreators of deepness
  • Take Me Away2 In A Room (A Junior Vasquez Mix)
  • Cosmic SorbetDonald's House
  • Psyche Out (Sex Skank Strip Down)Meat Beat Manifesto
  • Around The WorldMemphis
  • Harmonic EyeAndy Rantzen
  • HiEbi
  • Ouzou Mneha ( Live At Bellvile)Danny Mahboune
  • ScintillatingPhild Stroud
  • Brujo Majic (Unreleased Edit)Suns Of Arqa
  • RisingD.K
  • Love Affair (Ron's Soulful Mix)Ron Trent
  • I Loved YouGrandpa
  • The Difference ( Smash Hunter Mix)Lectro Luv
  • My Old FriendKerri Chandler
  • SpiritSchoov!
  • Ahora Si (IVAN Mix)Furious Frank
  • TampicoDavid Alvardo

About this program

Presented by our various Graveyarders.

The Graveyard Shift. A lucky dip of presenters and musical styles to while away the wee hours here in Melbourne or any time zone around the globe that you may find yourself in.

Whoever is in the chair, you can drop them a line via our Facebook page.