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Playlist for The Good, The Dub & The Global – 12 April 2022
  • Wassa feat Lamine SonkoJulian Belbachir
  • CarambolaAfrica Negra
  • NuteSociete Etrange
  • Mon Amor Ma Cheri (live)Amadou et Mariam
  • Axe para o Bara feat Mestro Antonia Carlos de XangoMaga Bo
  • The Shape of Jazz feat Uncle Robbie ThorpeZEDSIX
  • Fumaco SubindoDigital Afrika
  • Taking Time to ThinkJon Ososki
  • Future HopeDundundun
  • ArdinaTaxi Kebab
  • Today is Right HereHorace Andy
  • Soul RebelZoolook
  • I Wanna LiveSoom T
  • Boil UpFlames Eye
  • Full Metal DubYouth Meets Jah Wobble
  • Golden Clouds Youth Gigantic Dreadnaught Dub MixThe Orb
  • Burnt UmberYouth Meets Jah Wobble
  • ApertureSubset

About this program

Explores the differences between traditional and contemporary global rhythms, the goodness of dub and other tasty treats that fall into the description of Good! Expect music from all corners of the planet near and far and a healthy bassline to kick the day along in a musical stylee.