The Good the Dub and the Global feature image
Playlist for The Good, The Dub & The Global – 18 May 2021
  • Pontus BluesXaos
  • Nasalah BelletnaAjak Kwai
  • TampomamboTampo
  • What Time is Dub Soundsystem VersionDub Colossus
  • MadmenDub Colossus
  • I VoyagerTransglobal Underground
  • Daughter of the DesertTransglobal Underground
  • Azmari DubDub Colossus
  • Boss TablaTransglobal Underground
  • DopiTransglobal Underground
  • The Jewelled HeartTemple of Sound with Rizwan Muazzam
  • TempleheadTransglobal Underground
  • Do Re Mi FaKinglman
  • Warrior ChargeAswad
  • Forward Ever, Backwards NeverJacob Miller
  • Chapter ThreeJoe Gibbs & The Professionals
  • Moonlight GazeI & I Djangdan
  • Conquering LionMelodican

About this program

Explores the differences between traditional and contemporary global rhythms, the goodness of dub and other tasty treats that fall into the description of Good! Expect music from all corners of the planet near and far and a healthy bassline to kick the day along in a musical stylee.