Playlist for The Australian Mood – 10 October 2019
  • PlanetariumThe Bo-Weevils
  • But Doc!Foggy Notion
  • Slow is the new fastBen Mitchell
  • Did you knowSunday Hart Parade
  • No Thought For TomorrowThe Glorious
  • Can't Take It BackDyson Stringer Cloher
  • Oh Yeah, Uh, YeahCol Joye
  • Bush PeopleNeil Murray / Sammy Butcher
  • Japanese Rock'n'RollPollyman
  • Alive and Well (Still Standing)Kim Volkman & the Whiskey Priests
  • AttritionThe Mark Of Cain
  • You are aloneThe Mark of Cain
  • Galleon ShipNick and The Bad Seeds
  • Kiss Me EtherChristopher Marshall
  • AO ModVSpy VSpy

About this program

Two hours of Australian music, playing the best of the new releases and the best from the past! Plus feature interviews, news, views, reviews, in-studio performances, as well as regular guests Jeff Jenkins (The Music) and Ian McFarlane.