Listen to The Australian Mood – 18 July 201902:00:0018 July 2019

Kinematic drop in to talk about their new album and gigs, and Dave Laing tells Neil about new releases from the Grown Up Wrong! label.

Playlist for The Australian Mood – 18 July 2019
  • PlanetariumThe Bo-Weevils
  • Dickhead's LamentArt of Fighting
  • Farmers Never Visit NightclubsThe Triffids
  • Place In The SunThe Triffids
  • TwoKinematic
  • LouderKinematic
  • Red CardKinematic
  • AttritionThe Mark Of Cain
  • 100 MilesMaurice Flavel's Intensive Care
  • These DaysDana Gehrman
  • You Got The CarKasey Chambers
  • Two HandsOlympia
  • Imaginary FriendMick Medew and the Mesmerisers
  • Everybody's Waiting For Something To HappenMick Daley's Corporate Raiders
  • BackyardFloodlights
  • DuchessSimon Bonney
  • Where You Going To GoMichael Meeking
  • NicolinaMichael Meeking
  • Far From AnywhereMichael Meeking
  • Tick TockNeRV
  • SupermanJacob's Run
  • Endless PlansGreen Mules
  • Stand UpDaisy West
  • I Used To WinAtom
  • AO ModSpy V Spy

About this program

Two hours of Australian music, playing the best of the new releases and the best from the past! Plus feature interviews, news, views, reviews, in-studio performances, as well as regular guests Jeff Jenkins (The Music) and Ian McFarlane.