Listen to The Australian Mood – 7 February 201902:00:007 February 2019

Delsinki drops in to chat about his debut album ahead of its launch in Kyneton on 16 February.

Playlist for The Australian Mood – 7 February 2019
  • PlanetariumThe Bo-Weevils
  • Bleeding HeartThe Johnnys
  • The PullEilish Gilligan
  • I don't blame youBenny Walker
  • The wind blew hardStephen Cummings
  • Baby, I wish I'd been a better pop starDave Graney
  • The Day of My AscensionDavid McComb
  • Beat myself upMagpie Diaries
  • Town's full of smokeJames McCann
  • What you dream is not your faultDelsinki
  • MonkeyDelsinki
  • By and ByTeresa Duffy-Richards
  • Miracle CureSomething for Kate
  • I Know Better Queens Than ThatPainters and Dockers
  • Let It RainRich Webb
  • The CreepsLaura Imbruglia
  • AylaScreaming Tribesmen
  • The PanicWendy Rule
  • AfterbirthingGemini 4
  • AO ModVSpy VSpy

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