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Playlist for The Australian Mood – 22 September 2022
  • PlanetariumThe Bo-Weevils
  • Flamin' Heart (Premium Fantasy mix)Cong Josie
  • Double VanityDouble Vanity
  • Third RailScattered Order
  • Empty Like The NullarborRiflebirds
  • Nothing lasts ForeverHeath Blundell
  • Black KitesHalfway
  • DazzlingAdalita
  • Up There For ThinkingAdele And The Chandeliers
  • My CanvasFoggy Notion
  • Good Evening Black BuddhaBlack Jesus Experience
  • Everybody KnowsSun
  • I really Want To KnowSun
  • Hunting SongRipple Effect Band
  • DriveKey Out
  • Good SpaceThe Night Packers
  • TwigsThe Purple Avengers
  • Happy SongMark Gardner
  • Surf WhispersMark Gardner
  • Roller VaselineThe Baudelaires
  • Bowlegged BeautifulThe Murlocs
  • I Can ChangePress Club
  • Wrong Side Of TownThe Prize
  • FeedbackLipstereo
  • Waiting For The MomentJoshua Batten
  • AO ModSpy V Spy

About this program

Two hours of Australian music, playing the best of the new releases and the best from the past! Plus feature interviews, news, views, reviews, in-studio performances, as well as regular guests Jeff Jenkins (The Music) and Ian McFarlane.