Featuring a chat with Drew from Sick Thoughts.

Playlist for Teenage Hate – 10 November 2019
  • I'm So GoneThe Reatards
  • Lust ForevermoreLow Life
  • Yellow and GreenThe Lloyd Pack
  • Darkness in My HeartSpider Bags
  • Bedrock BayBill Direen
  • PH2Shots
  • Thank Christ for the BombGroundhogs
  • She's No AngelHeavy Metal Kids
  • You've Got Another Thing ComingJudas Priest
  • Run for My LifeTower
  • 18 and FreeSick Thoughts
  • ShatteredDD Owen
  • I Want to Wear YouGlassboots
  • Sometimes I Wish For My Own DeathDeformities
  • Glug Glug GlugChicken Chain
  • Amphetamine CommandoBaby's Blood
  • CreepsLSDOGS
  • Pucker UpSmooch
  • Beef HotlineGUNN
  • Human AgainChained Bliss
  • T-t-t-telepathicIsotope Soap
  • Wave MachineCircle Pit
  • Forever TurnedFabulous Diamonds
  • Flower, DropScythe
  • Luxury VacuumTotal Control
  • My Father Was a Lighthouse KeeperThe Incredible String Band
  • It'll Never Happen AgainThe Scientists
  • Sweet DesperationZoom
  • TurbulenceOrion

About this program

Named after the first Reatards album, Teenage Hate presents the latest in punk, garage, hardcore, noise and pysch with an emphasis on Australian releases and bands. Expect new releases, interviews, guest announcers, mini specials and fun times. Join Tim Scott's punk party on the airwaves.