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Playlist for Tangerine Jam – 21 November 2020
  • The Greatest Horse in the WorldSilverworld
  • Elon MuskChrysalism
  • A Dream Of YouFar Caspian
  • DreamsOdyssey
  • Graveyard SleepinThe Grogans
  • ZeitgeistThe Babe Rainbow
  • Young AmericansDurand Jones & The Indications
  • Tomorrow Is Another DayBilly Butler & The Chanters
  • Can't Work no LongerBilly Butler
  • Little GirlLou Johnson
  • I really love youDee Dee Sharp
  • You Were Meant for MeEddie "Buster" Forehand
  • My LoveThe Entramations Featuring The Todds
  • Going Away From YouFive Counts
  • Silly WhimJeannie, Jim, Tom, Bill
  • Don't You Ever Make Me BlueEffects
  • Buchanan HammerLos Tones
  • The Only OneThe Dolly Rocker Movement
  • Memory LoopPEEL
  • Body By CrystalSpike Fuck
  • DreamsMark & Suzan Farmer
  • Doctor SaysMidnight Sister
  • Not My GuyJenny O
  • Love HurtsThe Liverbirds
  • Asking ForgivenessCL Weldon
  • MagicPilot
  • Love And FreedomKeith Mlevhu
  • AC\DC CDThe Chats
  • AuroraKitaro
  • Theme From Silk RoadKitaro

About this program

A sweet, zesty jam of preserved and fresh sounds, mixed together from a span of genres.