A weekly round table discussion of the albums and singles of the moment, by a bunch of music obsessives with too much time on their hands! With Tess Lawley, Adam Christou, Tanya Bunter, Sam Cummins and Holly Pereira.

On-air from 18 December to 29 January.

Playlist for Summer Program: Analysis Paralysis
  • Are You In Love?James Blake
  • Lullaby For My InsomniacJames Blake
  • Mile HighJames Blake
  • SeventeenSharon Van Etten
  • Comeback KidSharon Van Etten
  • HandsSharon Van Etten
  • 1539 N. CalvertJPEGMAFIA
  • I Cannot Fucking Wait Until Morrissey DiesJPEGMAFIA
  • Thug TearsJPEGMAFIA
  • Death In MidsummerDeerhunter
  • DetournementDeerhunter
  • Greenpoint GothicDeerhunter

About this program

What good's a desert island if you're all alone? The Superfluity team and guests share and discuss the music that moves them.