Playlist for Strange Holiday – 11 November 2018
  • Hearing Overtone (Solfeggio DNA Arreggio and Theta Binavraz Beats)Jandy Rainbow
  • The Adventures of Shuffles the OysterFriendly
  • Pick Pocket Filled With BloodTelemetry Orchestra
  • A Fountain Filled With BloodCo Kla Coma
  • Music For Black OrchidsDharma Buffer
  • DeutroSize
  • 4AMDark Network
  • Mk SkThe Lord's Garden
  • No Taste In MusicArtificial
  • God Is DeadDisco Stu
  • Truck of BonesOdd Harmonic
  • The GunDagai CoolabahNo Night Sweats
  • Hast the Long Wait FrequentlyGarry Bradbury
  • In Defence of ImperialismThis Corporate Militia
  • NaddanSense
  • MacaiseViridian
  • The OmnipresentSteve Lan
  • EstrelCastel
  • CaravaneGenlevel
  • WestDavid Page and Bangarra Dance Theatre Clan
  • Just BlueTim Koch
  • At The DrapersGerald Murnane

About this program

From the rainforest to the sea, from Australia to Estonia, Strange Holiday explores proto-electronic, new-wave and oceanic sounds. Hunting for both local and foreign obscurities, Andras & Lewis try to uncover music that ties back to the roots of 3RRR, alongside new releases that typify our generations response to local music from the late '70s & 80s.