Listen to Strange Holiday – 14 October 201802:00:0014 October 2018
Playlist for Strange Holiday – 14 October 2018
  • Requiem No. 9Andreas Resch
  • Esteiras Para 1 Acorde De Pia No 16Osso Exotko
  • YaabaMekong Zoo
  • Verborgene RinnsaleFetisch Park
  • "Tanje" MixSubtropic
  • Siembra de NinosLa Fura Dels Baus
  • NovmenaLove Spirals Downwards
  • Nummer DrieBazooka
  • Can't Find My Way Home (Acoustic Intro)Plo Force Song
  • KilluminatiBabyfather
  • Adagio for StringsWilliam Orbit
  • Music For the HeadPorcupine Tree
  • LeelabaliJocelyn Pook
  • narkopopGAS
  • Quietly LeKenneth Higney
  • Sunny DaysPsychedelic Archaeology
  • Mp's NightclubLOI Interceps
  • Main TitleAndreas Resch
  • Cocina ChinaLa Fura Dels Bavs
  • Ride Through The Suburbs (Music Track)Holger Hiller
  • Slow JamFunktaxi
  • ChatterAutechre
  • WasserStrafe F.R.
  • Evolution of the GalaxyKuba Sojka
  • Colours of Van GoghLove is Colder Than Death
  • Really Xcitin' (We are Coming Down with Lightin')Minister of Noise
  • Tea With MaryFrozesome Lonesome
  • Touch it (African Plain Mix)Coco Steel and Lovebomb
  • Cimetiere Des InnocentsHieroglyphic Being and the Afponauis
  • Tuluak Vocoder VariationsOlev Muska
  • Get to Know (Feat Riya)Villem 2 McLeod

About this program

From the rainforest to the sea, from Australia to Estonia, Strange Holiday explores proto-electronic, new-wave and oceanic sounds. Hunting for both local and foreign obscurities, Andras & Lewis try to uncover music that ties back to the roots of 3RRR, alongside new releases that typify our generations response to local music from the late '70s & 80s.