Playlist for Strange Holiday – 26 August 2018
  • ConversationBill Evans
  • Computer OnFlextone
  • Down TimeImplodes
  • Kombination ix (Part 1)Steven Travis Pope
  • DroneMerelocke
  • Tztztztzt Î Í Í Part 19Ben Vida
  • 32days_18Eugene Carchesio
  • 5/27Anthony Rother
  • FiveHeiko Laux
  • Piano RoseBazooka
  • Ludwijka 1Anders Ilar
  • Leave Me the Fuck AloneSybyr
  • Sex Is Good (With Marilyn)Chris Korda
  • Solange JimenezMetamatics
  • Songs Hurt MeMarnie
  • Teenage SiouxsieTelefilme
  • ChestyThe Buttmasters
  • Irenes AngelPluramon
  • Coda (For Sir John Dankworth)Janek Schaefer
  • Tael of the SaeghorsMakers of the Dead Travel Fast
  • It's Just a HobbyIngleton Falls
  • Space is the PlaceThe Irresistible Force
  • Mad Bomber/The WoodsMeat Beat Manifesto
  • Sun Shadow DrifterWhite Rainbow

About this program

From the rainforest to the sea, from Australia to Estonia, Strange Holiday explores proto-electronic, new-wave and oceanic sounds. Hunting for both local and foreign obscurities, Andras & Lewis try to uncover music that ties back to the roots of 3RRR, alongside new releases that typify our generations response to local music from the late '70s & 80s.