Playlist for Stolen Moments – 24 November 2018
  • gRiEF iS A thING witH FEaTherSThE DiAboLIcaL LibERTieS
  • Snake Eyes (Ishmael Ensemble Remix)Chip Wickham
  • Dusk FireDon Rendell/Ian Carr 5tet
  • ITwenty-FiveJoe Malinga and Southern African Force
  • Slowes Slow DanceThe Putbacks
  • I Can See (Rings Around Saturn Remix)Harvey Sutherland
  • Open Your Eyes You Can FlyFlora Purim
  • DingwallsMark Murphy
  • Eyes Waterfalling (Petersons No Nonsense Middle 8 Edit)Level 42
  • NuketownTiana Khasi

About this program

Enjoy the passing of time with the sounds of joy from the jazz side - modal, spiritual, soulful, latin, bossa nova, folk, funk and electronica fusions. Representing jazz in it's many forms, playing future classics to timeless music dug from the rich heritage of the past.

Jazz is the teacher, pass the information and extend the knowledge.