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Playlist for Stolen Moments – 18 July 2020
  • Il Gatto A Nove CodeEnnio Morricone
  • The World Is GoneThe Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra
  • Stars & RocketsThe Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra
  • Evening AirPeter Thomas
  • Dark Natur APeter Thomas
  • FlirtationPeter Thomas
  • Coordinates MeetingPeter Thomas
  • NataschaThe Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra
  • Zero Zoom NovembraPeter Thomas Sound Orchester
  • Rockin' ComputerOrchestra Peter Thomas
  • Space-PatrolPeter Thomas Sound Orchester
  • Die Tote Aus Der ThemsePeter Thomas
  • Picciato In HeavenPeter Thomas & Mocambo Astronautic Sound Orchestra
  • HaschkellerPeter Thomas
  • LeukozytPeter Thomas
  • International IntriguePeter Thomas
  • Galaxy Fall-OutPeter Thomas
  • Phasing ViolinsPeter Thomas
  • Angel Of PromiseThe Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra
  • Communication in HyperspacePeter Thomas
  • OpiumP.T.S. Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra
  • Milky WayPeter Thomas
  • Sitar Cha-ChaPeter Thomas
  • Evarella 2073Peter Thomas
  • Big Boss ThemePeter Thomas Sound Orchester
  • Landing On The MoonPeter Thomas Sound Orchester
  • Song Of WillEddie Gale
  • An Island in SpaceEddie Gale & John Tchicai
  • Black Rhythm HappeningEddie Gale
  • The RainEddie Gale
  • African SunshineEddie Gale and the California Movement
  • I Don't Need To Fight To Prove I'm Right, I Don't Need To Be ForgivenMushroom with Eddie Gale
  • Twin Stars of ThenceSun Ra
  • Space is the PlaceSun Ra And His Arkestra
  • On JupiterSun Ra And His Outer Space Arkestra
  • Song Of Will (Jazzanova's Black Happening Remix)Eddie Gale

About this program

Enjoy the passing of time with the sounds of joy from the jazz side - modal, spiritual, soulful, latin, bossa nova, folk, funk and electronica fusions. Representing jazz in it's many forms, playing future classics to timeless music dug from the rich heritage of the past.

Jazz is the teacher, pass the information and extend the knowledge.