How does sound transform the body? And how does the body transform sound? This episode tunes in to some of the personal resonances of sound, through intuition and feeling in to spacious sonic ambience.

Megan Alice Clune is a Sydney-based artist, composer and musician. Here, Megan talks to Bec about ambient music, binaural tones and the physical effects of sound.

Megan's work 'Relating to deep inward thought rather than intellect' is part of the 'Sounds Like.' exhibition at Hawthorn’s Town Hall Gallery from May 11 - June 30, alongside installation, sculpture and performance works by Roger Alsop, Vicky Browne, Julian Day and Camille Robinson exploring how sound can engage us and expand our imagination.

Playlist for SleepTalker – 9 May 2019

About this program

A show about sleep, dreams, nightmares and what happens in your head after dark. Meditations from the edges of consciousness, exploring circadian rhythms, mental health, what keeps us awake and helps us drift. Interviews, field recordings, sound art, creative audio and ambient music to keep you company in the dark.

SleepTalker started as an independent podcast in 2014, and now joins the Triple R grid as a weekly two-hour live show.

Get in touch if you have sleepy sounds, dream recollections, nightmares, sleeping patterns or nighttime stories you want to share on the show.