Respect The Rock

Persecution Blues drop by to talk about Rock n' Roll Matinee 3 at the Workers Club.

Playlist for Respect The Rock – 6 February 2020
  • biscuits for smuthelmet
  • Jesus F. ChristHits
  • Pack AnimalsCash Savage and The Last Drinks
  • Persecution Blues (live)Powdermonkeys
  • Blue Prince of High StreetPersecution Blues
  • Rock'n'Roll ConservationPersecution Blues
  • Figure Four Leg LockWarped
  • NeighbourhoodMod Con
  • The ReaperPower
  • Disco // TacoSpiral Perm
  • Your Time Has ComeUte Root
  • AlanUte Root
  • Colour Landscape and LightThomy Sloane + Lucy Waldron
  • Devils Of Last NightBeastwars
  • Wasp NestBruiser
  • ShagVajazzle
  • SandcastlesCable Ties

About this program

Hear the rock 'n' roll universe expand as Tadpole travels to all the corners of rock and back again. Also featuring the gig guide, and the odd segment.