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Another excellent fill from Triple R metalhead Jack Knight.

Playlist for Requiem For A Scream – 7 July 2020
  • DisruptrDevin Townsend
  • CAFOAnimals as Leaders
  • Apathy Took Helm!Vile Creature
  • Ravished To The UnknownFaceless Burial
  • IconicMeridian Dawn
  • Defy The TyrantVenom Prison
  • Losing Weight (Blind River Acoustic Reprise)Cloud Rat
  • The Gleaming WallsThe Peregrine
  • 停止種族歧視! (Unholy Grave cover)Ripped To Shreds
  • GenesisBoris
  • Void of DerisionWrithing
  • BabylonMyridian
  • Wizard in BlackElectric Wizard
  • Sign of the CrossIron Maiden
  • HaloMachine Head
  • Visions of SuicideDor Fantasma
  • Override of the OvertureDismember

About this program

Metal, hardcore and otherwise exquisitely heavy and brutal sounds. Soul-shifting noise. Dimension-altering soundscapes. Be crushed and renewed. Lose control.