Spotlight Artist: Something Like This But Not This - Moaning Lisa

Featured Mix: Breaks, Jungle, Dubstep (Deja Vu Residency) - mincy

Playlist for Represented – 1 November 2021
  • PLAYINUNO Stereo
  • WasteMoaning Lisa
  • Wild DaysMoaning Lisa
  • InadequacyMoaning Lisa
  • Cold WaterMoaning Lisa
  • HertzAmyl and The Sniffers
  • AHHHH!Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers
  • Lie To Me AgainThe Buoys
  • The More I AmFloodlights
  • Stir the PotCaroline & Claude
  • Everything Is GreatAlice Skye
  • Good ThingMaple Glider
  • Surrender (ft. PRICIE)Tseba
  • OverdriveThandi Phoenix
  • Giftedm8riarchy
  • Big TittiesDjanaba
  • Fools ft. Ah-Mer-Ah-Su & HtmlflowersOscar Key Sung
  • Less TalkCLYPSO
  • On Tonight ft. Big SkeezFOURA
  • i ain't scared to die soonMali Jo$e
  • Breaks, Jungle, Dubstep (Deja Vu Residency)mincy

About this program

Over-representing the under-represented in AU/NZ music. Check out the spotify playlist.