Listen to Out On The Patio – 27 November 201903:00:0027 November 2019

Obscura Hail drop by the studio to tell us about their debut EP.

Playlist for Out On The Patio – 27 November 2019
  • Another Day#1 Dads
  • Running For The FeelingDyson Stringer Cloher
  • Cattle and CaneThe Go-Betweens
  • The Low RoadBeasts Of Bourbon
  • BackyardL.A. Mood
  • Cookie CutterKinematic
  • SplitKilns
  • Swear Jar (live in studio)Obscura Hail
  • GothObscura Hail
  • New Eco, No EgoLafferty Daniel
  • On the LineThe High Ceilings
  • Silver Springs (Fleetwood Mac Cover)Angie McMahon
  • Issues (615 Sessions)Ali Barter
  • How I Like ItEl Tee
  • NeuroplasticityThe Peep Tempel
  • It's OkBlack Cab
  • Pack AnimalsCash Savage and The Last Drinks
  • Strangest PlacesApproachable Members of Your Local Community
  • StreetlampsHarry James Angus
  • Always RememberDRMNGNOW
  • Yuwani (Feat. Emily Wurramara)Mambali
  • Heteronormative NightmareEaglemont
  • Better Than BeforeChitra
  • Like DemiNat Vazer
  • Too MuchBad Bangs
  • Something SimpleKitten Heel
  • Beach
  • Dream Steppin'Two People
  • Back in the CornerScott and Charlene's Wedding
  • Look in the WaterTerrible Signal
  • Wet TowelPoppongene
  • Meditjin (JessB)Baker Boy
  • HeatForeign/National
  • Suit Of ArmourDanika Smith
  • No One ElseThe Finks

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