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  • Out on the Patio: Why Even Want to Play ‘Meat & Potatoes’ Setlists After 25 Years

Indie three-piece Even swing in to the studio to celebrate their 25 year anniversary.

Playlist for Out On The Patio – 25 September 2019
  • Love NahPist Idiots
  • Morning RainBad//Dreems
  • Anthony McDonald-TipungwutiPicket Palace
  • StandoutAngie McMahon
  • NeededGeorgia Mulligan
  • Love For MyselfEmma Russack & Lachlan Denton
  • Digi DogCool Sounds
  • Juicy FruitKarate Boogaloo
  • WoundedAffection
  • Work This TimeLafferty Daniel
  • TiptoeFeelds
  • Beautiful BabyElizabeth
  • PC With MeAlex Cameron
  • BeastyBabe Rainbow
  • PlanetsLa Vif
  • Being A WomanSui Zhen
  • Two White LinesButternut Sweetheart
  • Why Don't We Get Along?Kira Puru
  • GardenGood Morning
  • NevermindWorld Champion
  • Any Day (Feat. Whosane)Sampa The Great
  • Shut Your MouthMojo Juju
  • Can I Call YouMarlon Williams
  • Blue Mood RisingDidirri
  • Running Out Of ReasonsKodiak Galaxy
  • Stop & Go ManEven
  • New HousePting
  • Growing PainsTelescreen
  • Shoot to ForgetOlympia

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