Playlist for Out On The Patio – 31 July 2019
  • Winter SleepersSensearound
  • The BabyCarivorour Plant Society
  • Feeling BlueJade Imagine
  • In the darkSummer Flake
  • Quinquemark pollard
  • WildflowersJess Ribeiro
  • In the DarkSummer Flake
  • Rising TideFrancisca Griffin
  • rock concertthe person
  • the Neighbors grasspikelet
  • The Bits That Move TogetherDavid Chesworth
  • The CrushAsphixiation
  • WakeWilliam Elm
  • Lizard BrainCayn Borthwick
  • Salt and PepperDJ Plead
  • Liquid SlumberDreems
  • Drums UnlimitedAra Koufax
  • The EdgelandsRings Around Saturn
  • shellKatie Dey
  • EntropyThe Stroppies
  • SlangCassius select
  • ExoCORIN
  • PyramidRoy Blues
  • Perfect Place (Roza's Smoke Machine Mix)Sui Zhen
  • bring real freedombeat street fashion
  • Take The PissDark Water
  • The River Is TightLogic1000
  • solidifyStatue
  • JingoAndras
  • Here To StayAzure & Caramel Smooth Heaven

About this program

From Busselton to Brunswick, Queensland to Queenstown, and everything in between, drive home with the latest and greatest music coming out of Australia and NZ.

PLEASE NOTE: Electronic submissions are always preferred! I check my pigeonhole at RRR very rarely so if you're submitting music for consideration, please just email me a download or link and save yourself the trouble.