Playlist for On The Blower – 22 March 2019
  • I love lucythe soft boys
  • Shining HazeBlack Bats
  • WiggleHuntly
  • now you're talking babyKoshoko
  • Ass-Breath KillersThe Coup
  • Poison BloodOn Diamond
  • almost thereron s. peno and the superstitions
  • boys on the radiohole
  • Muscle Memory (Bapari Remix)Banoffee
  • so damn hardecho drama
  • the golden age of violenceroland howard
  • shamelaura imbruglia
  • rules and regulationsp.i.l
  • Un Deux TroisDan Brodie
  • walk awayjoe walsh
  • panty hoseyoni and the steamers
  • don't ask meian dury and the blockheads
  • in these shoes ?kirsty macoll

About this program

Brunch dahling? Shut up, I'm on the blower. Talkback RRR style, music freestyle, presentation Tony Biggs style.

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