On The Blower
Playlist for On The Blower – 9 September 2022
  • History of History (United States of Alpho)Matt Walker
  • Alone Again OrLove
  • Young And FreeCash Savage & The Last Drinks
  • gary tablettbaby 8
  • go homejoan jett and the blackhearts w/kathleen hanna & evil stig
  • rushall stationunderground lovers
  • AntidoteMorcheeba
  • latelychisenga
  • pocketblue oyster cult
  • "lockdown"-chip le grand , "peregrins in the city"-andrew kenny&sue lawsonkerry window
  • Wage Justice for the Working PoorChris Wilson
  • timematisse
  • velvet goldminedavid bowie
  • hoover damsugar
  • zero blankkim salmon and the surrealists
  • Picture ThisBlondie
  • good times (a touch of jazz remix )chic

About this program

Brunch dahling? Shut up, I'm on the blower. Talkback RRR style, music freestyle, presentation Tony Biggs style.

For the verbally challenged you can contact Biggsy here tonyb@rrr.org.au