On The Blower
Playlist for On The Blower – 21 May 2021
  • Sex BeatThe Gun Club
  • dishonest manthe black lips
  • No Other ReasonMon Shelford
  • what's he doing here ?the D. K effect
  • Tears Dry On Their OwnAmy Winehouse
  • Left of the DialThe Replacements
  • little alienthe chills
  • no outletjuliana hatfield
  • park benchjimblah
  • Think TwiceGroove Armada
  • on the runeven
  • "sex, lies and question time"-kate ellis,"love objects"-emily maguirekerry window
  • everythings brokenbob dylan
  • elastic waistbandfanny lumsden
  • Get TogetherTony Allen
  • There It IsLake Minnetonka
  • ball of fireernest ranglin
  • canyons of your mindBonzo dog doo-dah band
  • couldn't care lessRiver of snakes
  • trust methe motels
  • holy warmathew sweet
  • good timingthe beach boys

About this program

Brunch dahling? Shut up, I'm on the blower. Talkback RRR style, music freestyle, presentation Tony Biggs style.

For the verbally challenged you can contact Biggsy here tonyb@rrr.org.au