Playlist for New & Groovy – 11 September 2019
  • Night FlightQuintus Project
  • Subtle Body SuiteSteven Halpern
  • 12-15 Slow Gonnbash BluesShuggie Otis Ad Al Keeper
  • Hooker CookerEarl Hooker
  • Mae Kha Som TamOnuma Singsiri
  • Isan Klab TinThapporn Petenubon, Noknoi Uraiporn, Thongthai Tin Isan
  • HinacheLafayette Afro Rock Band
  • Sea GrooveBig Boss Man
  • The SystemPublic Afro Opinion Orchestra
  • ElementalThe Limp Twins
  • Come On HomeLifadu Sisters
  • Mon Amour Ma CherieAmadou and Mariam
  • Nou Tout Se YonnBokante
  • Soul Sacrifice (In At Woodstock 1969)Santana
  • DronesThe Putbacks
  • Class AThe Majestics
  • King Tim IIIThe Fatback Band
  • ZuluMighty Mocambos ft Africa Bambaataa

About this program

Electronic space bag soul/fondue funk/jetset jazz and the bongos of your mind!!

Highlights of the World's Only Summertime Version On The Excursion season '08-'09 :