New & Groovy
Playlist for New & Groovy – 27 July 2022
  • Give a Helping handWilliam Howard
  • Sweeping Through The CityShirley Caesar
  • Hey Western Union ManJay Berliner
  • Reach Out & TouchCassieta George
  • I Don't Feel Noways TiredJames Cleveland
  • Don't Forget Where You've Come FromDorothy Norwood
  • Believe In HumanityMargie Joseph
  • It's The Same Old StoryAct 1
  • I Can't Turn My BackVince Apollo
  • This Is A Groovy GenerationBill Kennedy
  • つつまれながら (Embracement)Jun Parker
  • Keep Smilin'Gabor Szabo
  • DoomsdayThe Pro-Teens
  • OghneyaFerkat Al Ard
  • Hy Brasil Terra Sem MalTom Ze
  • Play It AgainJohn Barry / Wilma Reading
  • Mountain EchoesPierre Dutour
  • A Sunday WaltzTed Goia
  • TangDuke Ellington
  • Johnny YumaNora Orlandi
  • A Guitar For JohnnyNora Orlandi
  • Viva TiradoFania All Stars

About this program

Electronic space bag soul/fondue funk/jetset jazz and the bongos of your mind!!

Highlights of the World's Only Summertime Version On The Excursion season '08-'09 :