Neon Sunset
Playlist for Neon Sunset – 29 October 2022
  • Courts or WarsSecond Layer
  • Hold Me1-800-Mikey
  • Inner NormGut Health
  • Glitter ThugsSmooch
  • You Make Me CrazyNikki and the Corvettes
  • Remain IntactGG King
  • Livin After MidnightThe AC Connection
  • Hole In the WallSick Thoughts
  • Horrible DeathSick Thoughts
  • The Nights Are So LongClub Wow
  • Time to killClive Culbertson
  • Cold ReceptionKnightmare II
  • Mother, I love satanSick Thoughts
  • Night Of The VampireThe Moontrekkers
  • I'm a Living SicknessThe Calico Wall
  • The WitchThe Rattles
  • SorcererJunction
  • Figure At The WindowBilliam
  • Gods of NorseCybotron
  • I Think Of DemonsRoky Erickson
  • Black DiamondPrison affair
  • I Eat CannibalsToto Coelo
  • Tenement RoofsGlorious Din
  • Morbid MeditationMock-Up
  • Elvis Is Not DeadCharlie Megria
  • Jesus I Was EvilDarcy Clay
  • MysizeJohn Entwhistle
  • Dark SideThe Shadows Of Knight
  • Chinese RocksJohnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers
  • Cool My HeadGeorge Cessna
  • Mick’s DreamMichael Beach

About this program

Ramp ups and wind downs, bedroom jams and familiar sounds. Carpet stickers and non-genre specifics. Luminous freaks fit for your Friday.

Intro: S U R F I N G - Moonlight
Outro: Ooga Boogas - Neon Sunset (Mikey Young Remix)