Neon Sunset
Neon sunset 20th august 2022
  • "mona-lisa's smile"MOLLY NILSSON
  • Bodies in MotionAlice Cohen
  • Let’s GoDeux - Let’s Go
  • I Promise That I'll Try To Give You All My LoveSunbeam Sound Machine
  • High Cost Of LivingThe Threat - High Cost Of Living
  • Killing TimeThe Celebate Rifles
  • Fun thing999
  • Hell For LeatherFuture Suck
  • Easy Way OutThe Prize
  • Out In A Burning AlleyMichael Beach
  • In The DarkDyan Diamond
  • Voices Carry'Til Tuesday
  • Midnight ManFlash And The Pan
  • SensationNO ZU
  • new york groovehello
  • Belize feat DoomDangermouse & Black Thought
  • FutureamaNon Phixion & Ill Bill
  • Sitting In The parkRisco Connection
  • Money MusicSURPRISE CHEF
  • You Don’t Get Me DownBenny Trokan
  • Material ConditionThe Stroppies
  • Compos MentisThe Murlocs
  • Jangle JargonFree Time

About this program

Ramp ups and wind downs, bedroom jams and familiar sounds. Carpet stickers and non-genre specifics. Luminous freaks fit for your Friday.

Intro: S U R F I N G - Moonlight
Outro: Ooga Boogas - Neon Sunset (Mikey Young Remix)