Neon Sunset
Playlist for Neon Sunset – 2 April 2022
  • Scooby SnacksYour Old Dog
  • Brown SupremacyImmy Owusu
  • Making PlanetsEdan
  • BulletsZipper
  • The Rain Song Led Zeppelin
  • Knights in White SatinGeorgio Moroder
  • Come TogetherPrimal Scream
  • Cappo DogOur Carlson
  • Method ManWu-Tang Clan
  • Freddie Gibbs & The AlchemistScottie Beam
  • The OthersideBobby Oroza
  • CamilleAna Roxanne
  • OccupantsModal Melodies
  • Best LifeAlex Cameron
  • My Dark Hour feat. Paul Ramon (McCartney)Steve Miller Band
  • The WorkerParty Dozen
  • Running BackCIVIC
  • MaggottAmyl & The Sniffers
  • Going FastPhil and The Tiles
  • RepeatsScreensaver
  • Pick Me UpA Flock Of Seagulls
  • PoptopMonomania
  • Ne Da/Ne Nego I/IIiKozmetika
  • TransTapdogs
  • The Perfect CrimeThe Stroppies
  • Ogden’s Nut Gone FlakeThe Small Faces

About this program

Ramp ups and wind downs, bedroom jams and familiar sounds. Carpet stickers and non-genre specifics. Luminous freaks fit for your Friday.

Intro: S U R F I N G - Moonlight
Outro: Ooga Boogas - Neon Sunset (Mikey Young Remix)