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Mystifying Melbourne - Presented by David Nichols

Playlist for Mystifying Melbourne – 23 September 2022
  • LaufschritteIlles
  • LiebesleidThe Hammond Brothers
  • NothingThe Four Tops
  • Talvi Talvikin KanssaMaustetytöt
  • Tee se itseMaustetytöt
  • Fire Vs Garbageslimbillgates
  • Femmes D'Interieur-Femmes D'ExterieurGuigou Chenevier & Sophie Jausserand
  • Thoughts That Go by SteamPere Ubu
  • My TimeSnowy
  • Whatever Happened ToThe Buzzcocks
  • Would You BelievePopolice
  • Ody OdySaha The King
  • PikkubeethovenLitku Klemetti
  • PelkuriLitku Klemetti
  • Cowboy In The Sky208L Containers
  • Mould LinesThigh Master
  • UptightSky Deck
  • Elns WorkingCrashland
  • SlumSachet
  • Cannot Stay, Cannot GoPintandwefall
  • Rhythm MethodPulsallama
  • The Night The Carousel Burnt DownTodd Rundgren

About this program

A penchant for the weird and mysterious? Spooky and unusual? Tune in to Mystifying Melbourne, a show dedicated to exploring the more quirky and oft-overlooked aspects of Melbourne/VIC.