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Listen to Mooncake – 20 July 202302:00:0020 July 2023

With new music from Another Nguyen, Cornelius, Priya Ragu and Dust funk

Mooncake Feature Album: Little Dragon - Slugs of Love (2023)

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Playlist for Mooncake – 20 July 2023
  • IrreplaceableAnother Nguyen
  • Best Friend (Vallis Alps Remix)ASHWARYA, Vallis Alps
  • NoiseLastlings
  • FluidNECTA
  • 4XMiki
  • morphine supplyNyco
  • Why Do You Love Me?Wallice
  • SwordNatural Wonder Beauty Concept
  • ColorwaysSun Kin, Left Tracks, di Leo
  • Balloon (Sunset Rollercoaster Remake)ADOY, Sunset Rollercoaster
  • Sushi ft. Gummy Bear ManMandark
  • EnvironmentalCornelius
  • Those Lightning Bolts Pointing at YouLimi, Josh Tu
  • *** Mooncake feature album ******
  • StayLittle Dragon, JID
  • Lily's CallLittle Dragon
  • Disco DangerousLittle Dragon
  • Easy FallingLittle Dragon
  • Lux AeternaCORIN
  • i wanna tell uLexie Liu
  • EasyPriya Ragu
  • HayopKelady
  • WOWMirani
  • A$$Dizzy Dizzo, O.Dizzy, Lizzy 栗子
  • Tibetan Dance (Version)Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • SwallowDust funk
  • Make You Scream (yuné pinku Remix)VTSS
  • Wedding SeasonBaalti
  • rollercoastersundial
  • Do You Want MeJYLPO
  • Too MuchTRACE
  • DifferentlyUnflirt
  • The Girl in the Moonlightstep.jad
  • N17Lemna
  • YOU CAN'T SEE MERyan Fennis, Voidhood
  • PurifyPrettybwoy
  • 39 Minuteskiki vivi lily

About this program

Presented by Small FRY, Mooncake celebrates diverse sounds from Asia and artists of the Asian-diaspora, music from Tokyo to Taipei, Seoul to Saigon and more.

Theme music “Mooncake” produced by Yeo

Follow the Mooncake Spotify playlist and Mooncake Apple Music playlist