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Listen to Mooncake – 2 March 202302:00:002 March 2023

With new music from Moonlover, Papaphilia, beabadoobee and Sandy Hsu

Mooncake Feature Album: Kuya Neil, Teether - STRESSOR (2023)

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Playlist for Mooncake – 2 March 2023
  • Empathy Stone 共情石vii M
  • O.B.EMiso
  • Keep ColdNumcha
  • PlaylistMandark
  • Only Heaven KnowsLarrenwong, Kristen Holt
  • HITMYLINEJohn Concepcion, Vinsint
  • My Luv (feat. Bibi Bourelly)Rini
  • CruiseSP3CIAL.T, Tealousy
  • My Cat JaduSuzanne
  • Hold me tonightMetronomy x Bolis Pupul Metronomy
  • Seaside Sequence (人喰いマーメイドとの死闘篇)Kirinji
  • NisemonoGinger Root
  • Lokoing for SomethingCASTLEBEAT
  • *** Mooncake feature album ******
  • INSTRUCTIONSTeether & Kuya Neil
  • POUND ft. SevyTeether & Kuya Neil
  • CYA (feat. zk King)Teether & Kuya Neil
  • PURGATORYTeether & Kuya Neil
  • Dance With MeAnori
  • Stereotype C (feat. Cibo Matto)Buffalo Daughter
  • I Don't Love You AnymoreMoonlover
  • Nothing's WrongMiss Grit
  • A GhostShana Cleveland
  • GoldenLucinda Chua
  • no path is forged over the abyss without meeting at the altarPapaphilia
  • Brooch KillerPal Hwang Dan
  • LA to BCNThaiboy Digital
  • One TouchGolin
  • EclipsePeach
  • Mirage Over (Manami Remix)Demi Riquisimo
  • Into the VoidFRANK-X
  • 孝忍狠 (Filial Endure Ruthless)Tzusing
  • KUROAya Gloomy
  • skin deepdaine
  • Glue Songbeabadoobee
  • WindowGaldive
  • I've Spent My Whole Life DreamingSandy Hsu
  • Unstruck Sound (Santahu Man Pavnai Sukh Baniaa)Ami Dang

About this program

Presented by Small FRY, Mooncake celebrates diverse sounds from Asia and artists of the Asian-diaspora, music from Tokyo to Taipei, Seoul to Saigon and more.

Theme music “Mooncake” produced by Yeo

Follow the Mooncake Spotify playlist and Mooncake Apple Music playlist