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Featuring new music from Srirachi, MUNGMUNG, Kitty Purrnaz and MICHELLE

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Playlist for Mooncake – 17 March 2022
  • Mongkok MadnessJianbo, Henry Wu
  • ArchimedesSrirachi
  • NascarMUNGMUNG
  • MIKEYung Raja
  • One MississippiKitty Purrnaz, Claire Chew
  • AlrightLimi
  • CLOUDSTiffany Day
  • Who I Call?Nathanie
  • Wen Shi Jian Qing Shi He WuDusty Bottle
  • SugarChimmi
  • Plastic Loveeill
  • Love's TrainSilk Sonic
  • RideHYBS
  • The LoopToro Y Moi
  • 我乜撚野都唔識Salty Chick
  • The light behind my eyelidstamaramen
  • Happiness is Overrated (ft. Whisky Cat, 方Q)Ń7ä
  • 晶澈 Crystalline ImprovVoision Xi
  • cheeze (feat. Andrew Kang)Sarah Kang
  • Boring AgainLuna Li, Jay Som
  • Should've Been MeMitski
  • Make It RightSASAMI
  • DO YUHEthan
  • Kathy Left 4 KathmanduRaveena
  • Rain on TuesdayPutrika
  • Midnight PretendersTokimeki Records, ひかり
  • PeachFemm
  • El doradoNubset, ORDNRYCITIZEN
  • IZZIT?!BAYANG (tha Bushranger), Jamaica
  • Bird's Eye ViewPianwooo
  • OvergrownCoconut Cream
  • Not Like ThisChloe Ho
  • Could I Break YouTrace
  • still tryingShye
  • ideaKhundi Panda, Son Simba, Bewhy

About this program

Presented by Small FRY, Mooncake celebrates diverse sounds from Asia and artists of the Asian-diaspora, music from Tokyo to Taipei, Seoul to Saigon and more.

Theme music “Mooncake” produced by Yeo

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