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  • Mooncake Guest Mix: Jex Wang Delivers A Chaotic Mix In Their Australian Radio Debut

Featuring a guest mix from Jex Wang

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Playlist for Mooncake – 3 March 2022
  • CapybaraSwing Slow
  • Another Wedding SongAkiko Yano
  • Wanna KissHitomi Tohyama
  • ***Jex Wang guest mix ******
  • Deep Echoes (S)ONY
  • Dong Leng Cha 凍檸茶FOTAN LAKI & Bloodz Boi
  • Don't Play (Double Clapperz Remix)Shelhiel
  • Maze ft Charlie SheenaOHYUNG
  • Padang Galaxxx (Skyshaker Dusk Novox)Gabber Modus Operandi
  • Kazumi (Original Mix)LJC
  • Tungsa TVNeo Geodesia
  • The Beautiful Trauma Of BeingWanton Witch
  • Iridescent Vision ft Taj RaidenSonia Calico
  • ArsenalYen Tech
  • Nước Mắm Is My Holy WaterKim Dürbeck
  • 好日子 [Jungle編集版]T5UMUT5UMU
  • KOOVER IN '92Deft
  • *** end mix ******
  • IDKWSoulful Ghosts
  • Asia AfricaMunir
  • GalaxyRisa T
  • HydrationAhadadream
  • Chow Bat PorTriad God
  • Bi-elijahY2K92
  • 月夜的肖像DBZ
  • Bicycle Day小本生燈 XSGACHA
  • NightwatchAvery Fos
  • TalkCafuné
  • A Place Where Nobody KnowsNo Rome
  • One day in summerFriday Night Plans
  • Speed LimitPartner Look
  • Milky MilkDama Scout
  • GO TO HELLClinton Kane
  • MonopolyNaja Naja
  • I Don't Believe YouJerome Blazé
  • Sounding Through Touch - After Rain (Excerpt)Cindy Yuen​-​Zhe Chen

About this program

Presented by Small FRY, Mooncake celebrates diverse sounds from Asia and artists of the Asian-diaspora, music from Tokyo to Taipei, Seoul to Saigon and more.

Theme music “Mooncake” produced by Yeo

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