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Featuring new music from tamanaramen, So!YoON!, Phum Viphurit and Leah Dou

Mooncake intro theme produced by Yeo

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Playlist for Mooncake – 12 November 2020
  • The Lotus in the BackwaterHowie Lee
  • planettamanaramen
  • When in Summer, I Forget About the Winteryaeji
  • Cô Đôi Thượng Ngàn (House Version)ANNAM
  • fever dream (Shawn Wasabi Remix)mxmtoon
  • 행복은 도피여야 해 HappyYOURA
  • Cosmic RacerHookuo
  • get2knowTalitha.
  • AdoreNyk
  • MOREFauxe x Shye
  • don't waste your timeSlchld
  • Cady RoadRoutine
  • WingsSo!YoON!, Phum Viphurit
  • Wrecked feat. NNAMDÏSen Morimoto
  • YokaiJoelistics
  • HallucinationChoi Ga Eun
  • 合・流leafyeh
  • Rainy DriverHitomi "Penny ' Tohyama
  • いってモナムール (La maison est en ruine)Yumi Seino
  • Itsukano Dayskojikoji
  • I Don't Know Younoni
  • Paper mache (feat. CHANGMO)Jeebanoff
  • Pausegrace.
  • WhenSamuel Seo
  • 入土Lofimaker
  • Heavy RainKhakii
  • TOM HANKS (feat. Lyricks)Uzuhan
  • Shook ShookAwich
  • TerminalsScintii
  • GSGLeah Dou
  • Santéspill tab
  • Lucy In The Sky With DolphinSouth Acid Mimi
  • FifteenRyan Fennis
  • Into This MomentLuli Lee
  • Telephoneena mori
  • Love in TV WorldYukika
  • ControlledAleid

About this program

Presented by Small FRY, Mooncake celebrates diverse sounds from Asia and artists of the Asian-diaspora, music from Tokyo to Taipei, Seoul to Saigon and more.

Theme music “Mooncake” produced by Yeo

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