Playlist for Mixed Signals – 20 August 2018
  • EchoesJaneret
  • Flute10 (Mulen)
  • Halcyon and On and OnOrbital
  • Orange EveningDwing
  • Passed Me ByAndy Scott
  • On OathAndy Scott
  • Frou FrouBarac
  • TristesseKollektiv Turmstrasse
  • Lost with KChristopher Ledger
  • Who Ends WhoHamatsuki
  • PhasesHowling
  • Jew Jack SwingBoom Baptist
  • Light BrownBurnt Butter
  • YESSSIRBurnt Butter
  • All to GiveBurnt Butter
  • Pulp (Thursday Mornings)Dwyer
  • Sour OpiumDwyer

About this program

A melting pot of music, artists and ideas. Presented by your friendly neighbourhood witch HNYMLK, after stirring up trouble all weekend. Features mixes, interviews, exclusive unreleased tracks and kick ons like no other.