Local And/Or General
Playlist for Local and/or General – 21 March 2022
  • The Shake Up (feat. Tjaka)dameeeela
  • BuoyancyBody Type
  • Double SlantsVintage Crop
  • CopperPinch Points
  • BlueSkid City
  • Fade AwayStepmother
  • Mati MudaZombeaches
  • Camp DogKing Stingray
  • Silly GamesZretro
  • Velodrome [small section as bed]Surprise Chef
  • ApolloAstral Flex
  • Through The SmokeGumbaynggirr Collective
  • AirbagsSleep D
  • PaceLaces & TEEN
  • FissuremanTeether & snowcatmusic
  • Rocksta1300
  • Main CharacterMungmung
  • On A RollWalkerboy
  • Disco YeahMzuki
  • kobe year.Ruu, b.uzz & Chelle Tamika
  • Friday EveningLiam de Bruin
  • Closure (feat. Helena)RONA.
  • FeverAldous Harding
  • OccupantsModal Melodies
  • Peculiar RadioSCRAPS
  • Oysters In My PocketRoyel Otis
  • Negative ImageSweetie
  • The SpringsDIRT
  • Flightless CrowStephanie Cherote
  • 1efp/e fishpool

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