Local And/Or General

Presented by Meaghan Weiley.

Playlist for Local and/or General – 20 December 2021
  • Moonlight FlatA.R. Wilson
  • Sweet AgonySinging Dust
  • Bones and BloodVanessa Worm
  • Silver MoonScraps
  • SolisCORIN
  • There, TogetherNina Buchanan
  • KickonOur Carlson
  • Time of NightDianas
  • MercurySeagull
  • Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of VictoryShrapnel
  • The DoorTram Cops
  • RenaissanceSolo Career
  • SwimDeuce
  • PerformerMaple Glider
  • BergamotDiimpa
  • Swimming In A Bathful Of GhostsPower Supply
  • BossmanCLAMM
  • Do The JerkLost Animal
  • ReaderR.M.F.C
  • Summer to StartPho Shandy
  • Giving It UpDannika
  • Rodeo TragicPartner Look
  • French PressRolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
  • AvalonMajor Plains

About this program

Quality, new Australian and NZ music program focusing on local emerging artists, with interviews, live in-studio performances and regular guests.

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-Remember to make sure all digital files serviced include the artist name and track title. There's a lot of material that comes through and it's easy to lose your material if not labelled properly 😫